AT NY-ME Day 28

Mon, Aug 26
Miles: 16.9+0.2=17.1
Starting/ending: 1766.5-1783.4

I wake at 6 to my alarm. It’s going to be a little bit of a push to go over Smarts and Cube…I’m thinking that maybe N&C could come and pick me up at the Route 25A road crossing this evening for a slackpack back to Glencliff tomorrow… I’ll see if I have reception and can get ahold of them. The Dartmouth kids were loud last night. I heard them at 11:30. Faceplant said she heard them at 2am. Coffee and oatmeal with coconut milk powder, dried apple, cashew butter, coconut flakes, and granola – got it dialed. With the overflowing privvy I’ll have to dig a cathole ahead.

Downhill. Then up steep Smarts Mtn to the firetower. A good view along the way where I hang out with Glow-worm and Gummies, then Tadpole and Survivor, then Buttcheeks and Faceplant. To the firetower. I have some service so I’m able to email N&C and leave a voicemail to coordinate tonight.

Down Smarts. Then up Mt Cube. A steep up. A mile from the summit I take a break and chat with Camino Steve who tells me about his Calendar-Year-Triple-Crown attempt. He was going for it until he got mono and had to abandon his plan. Up to the peak. Tired. Talk to Nancy on the phone, they’ll meet me at the bottom of the mountain, 3.3 miles away, at 5:30-6. I take a bit longer break at the top of Cube with a handful of hikers, offer a slackpack tomorrow morning with help from N&C, then hustle down. Zoom past Supervisor. Past a Dartmouth group. I reach the bottom at 5:45pm! Nancy and Charlie are there waiting! Hello! We drive to Glencliff, eat dinner with many veggies from the garden, catch up, and I’m in bed at 8:45. Nice to be home.

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