AT NY-ME Day 29

Tues, Aug 27
Miles: 9.7
Starting/ending: 1783.4-1793.1

A nearo in Glencliff.Wake up after my first night in Glencliff and have real food for breakfast with N&C. Today I’ll slack pack over Ore Hill, Mt Mist, and Wyatt Hill into Glencliff! We drive back to the trail crossing at 25A. Nancy thinks maybe 1 other hiker might want to slackpack. I estimate 5-7. At the trailhead we find 9 others! Tales, Socks, Buttcheeks, Faceplant, Supervisor, Glow Worm, Gummies, Tadpole, and Survivor. Everyone tosses their stuff in the back of N& C’s Yaris and we’re off just after 7am.Fast going without a pack! This is great. Another nice weather day on the trail. Cool morning. Easy tread, rolling hills. A few hikers ahead, a few behind. Sorchi passes me, not interested in slacking. Up Ore Hill. Over Mt Mist. Over Wyatt Hill. A baking dog. Down to Route 25! Back in Glencliff.A short road walk back to N&C’s. I’m there by 11:30. They’re unloading wood. I stop by the Hikers Welcome Hostel across the street and meet Mumble and Buffalo, the caretakers, as well as Bag of Tricks, a trail legend and trail angel of sorts. Lunch with Nancy and Charlie. Hang out with Tales and Socks on the porch. Research the hike ahead. Malena, who lives in Haverhill and works in Glencliff, stops by and we catch up. Then dinner, organize gear, write.

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