AT NY-ME Day 30

Wed, Aug 28
Miles: 9.5+0.2=9.7
Starting/ending: 1793.1-1802.6

After after breakfast with my parents I pack up my day pack to slackpack over Mt Moosilauke. We get our picture taken with Bag of Tricks across the street at the hiker hostel. N&C drive me over the mountain to Kinsman’s Notch where I’ll hike SOBO for nearly 10 miles.

I start hiking at 7:45am. It’s flat for the first tenth of a mile and then it’s straight up the Beaver Brook Trail. A trail of legends. Slow going but I make good time. Pretty waterfalls. I make it to the shelter for a granola bar break. When I leave I meet Supervisor and we hike to the top. I run into Gummies and Glow Worm and we exchange numbers. And then I’m above treeline!

Camino Steve, Buttcheeks, Faceplant, Supervisor, and others are happy, gleeful, and frolicking and are overjoyed to be on the first mountain in the Whites with great views. Everyone is walking around taking pictures and selfies and panos, recording videos. Happy times. We all take pictures of each other. I have a snack in a wind broken spot.

And then hiker Ed shows up at the top! He’s a New Hampshire hiking legend that Nancy and Charlie know, having hiked the NH Grid 6 times. I chat with him for a minute. There’s a dog at the top eating people sandwiches which is pretty hilarious. Then I head down.

I run into Tales and Socks on their way up. And others including No Collar. Down, down, down. Balto and Mountain Laurel on their way up. I cross the road just below the Home for the Elderly. Past Jeffers Brook Shelter with a very full privy…. And then down back to Glencliff!

Quick shower and change and then I hang out at the hostel chatting with Buttcheeks and Faceplant, eating ice cream sandwiches. There are rumors about free chili and I wait around for an hour, and there’s no chili by 3:45 so it’s time to run errands. Ambassador joins me on a resupply trip to Shaw’s in Woodsville. Return, dinner, bath. Ambasador comes by with ice cream which is very sweet of her. We have a minute to look at the garden before sudden rain begins. Inside. Eventually sleep.

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