AT NY-ME Day 31

Thurs, Aug 29
Miles: 16.4
Starting/ending: 1802.6-1819.0

Kinsman’s slackpack from Kinsman’s Notch to Franconia Notch today. An early start.

I wake at 5:30, have breakfast with Nancy and Charlie, we leave at 6:15. They spot a car for me and Nancy drops me off at Kinsman’s Notch at 7 and I hike. Clouds and fog. Up, up. Rocks and roots and mud. Feeling some sadness and frustration. I slip on the roots and they make me angry and I whack a stump with my trekking poll which bends. Damn.

I see Camino Steve. Then Bluejay and Daredevil. And Socks who is running to make it to the outfitter in Lincoln before they close at 5:30. Up and over Mount Wolf. A snack break at Eliza Brook Shelter with Camino Steve, Bluebird, and Daredevil. I only fall once!

Then up steep, steep, comically steep South Kinsman, down and over North Kinsman. A view break with Socks of the upcoming Franconia Notch. Maybe I can give her a ride if we make it down in time… We basically run down as though the trail is an obstacle course along with Camino Steve and a day hiker until we reach Lonesome Lake Hut. Bathroom break, water break, brief view of the lake break. Then go go go the last 3 miles. We reached the bottom at 4:40. It seems like the blue blaze trail to the parking lot takes forever but we make it, hop in the car and drive to the outfitter which we reach at 5:17, before they close at 5:30. Socks gets the pole tips that she needs. Then to Price Chopper for a quick resupply.

I drop Sox and Camino stuff Steve off at the Notch Hostel and take a quick look around the place. It’s a great hostel and looks like a really cool space. Then to Glencliff for dolma with Nancy and Charlie. I had been dreaming of these stuffed peppers along my hike and hoping that we’d have some when I came to visit. Thanks N&C! Bath. Organize gear. I retrieve my headlamp from across the street from a hiker who carried it from the Norwich hiker hostel where I’d left it by accident. I have some ice cream and drink a few beers and I’m up until after ten. Sleep at last…

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