AT NY-ME Day 33

Sat, Aug 31
Miles: 17.0+0.2=17.2
Starting/ending: 1829.2-1846.2

I’m awakened before 6 am to shuffling around in the shelter. I get up and make my oatmeal and coffee in the cooking area. Pack up. Get info from the caretaker on the coming storm. Head down the trail with Socks Tales and Supervisor. Socks takes off ahead. It’s mostly down then a little up over rocky White Mountain trails to Galehead Hut. Here we all eat some leftover free oatmeal and hang out with some other hikers for a while. Then up the short and very steep trail to South Twin before rambling over to Guyot. Good views.

At the spur to Zealand Socks waits for everyone and we all take a snack break. Supervisor takes off, then me, then Tales. There’s a ranger near the Zeacliff loop. I hike with Tales and Riddler to Zealand Falls Hut. Riddler tells us riddles. What has a bed but does not sleep, a mouth but doesn’t eat, and runs but has no legs?

We have a brief chat with a woman who is hiking the New Hampshire grid and has heard of my mom! I admire the falls with Socks. I eat two mediocre bowls of soup. A gaggle of thru-hikers congregate here and we all enjoy our soup together. I eventually depart and hike solo along a very flat and easy trail, an old railroad bed with beautiful views of Whitewall Mount. Hike with gummies and glow worm on and off. We bypass the Ethan Pond tentsite. A day hiker gives me a Clif bar! We get to a stealth site around 7 and find two SOBOs already there (Barefoot and Baby Rock) – 5 of us total, 3 tents and a hammock, but we squeeze in. We all eat dinner and chat. Baby Rock plays an Elliot Smith song on his ukelele.

Into my tent. Write. Sleep by 9. Tomorrow I’ll meet N&C, cousin Kristy, and maybe a friend or two to hike toward My Eisenhower.

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