AT NY-ME Day 35

Mon, Sept 2
Miles: 0

Rainy gross zero day at Lake of the clouds Hut.

I start my day by waking up on the dining room floor in the hut surrounded by 20 or so other hikers. It’s going to be so rainy and cold! I pack up, make breakfast and coffee with the hut hot water. Sit around with other hikers while everyone discusses and debates what they’re doing. Some are staying, some are going, some are hiking out or planning to exit at the summit of Mount Washington. The weather report at 7am says low 40s, rain and fog, 75 ft visibility, wind 30 to 40 miles per hour, gusts 60 to 65 miles per hour, wind chill 32° on the summit. Yikes. Sounds uncomfortable. Maybe I’ll hike to the summit and shuttle down or hike to Madison hut? But it’s wet and cold and I would have to wear all of my gear and it could be dangerous…hmm… Maybe I’ll just stay here at the hut for $150 as a guest…

People hike out and it’s cold and looks very miserable. Meh I’ll stay. At 8:20 I book one of the many remaining bunks due to cancellations. Tadpole and Survivor and Turbo and Lighthouse and No Collar and Jellybean and Supervisor are all here too. All right it’s going to be a zero day.

I hangout, read, drink free hot drinks and tea and chai all day. I’m put into bunkroom #7 with all the thru-hikers, then switched to room #5. It’s the second night in a row of bed switching and it’s kind of annoying. I eat mac & cheese and soup. I write, nap, meditate. I chat with others and play Apples to Apples for what seems like forever with March 4th and Go Forth (they hiked in from Mizpah today), Supervisor, Jelly Bean, Survivor, and Tadpole. More reading and hike planning. Guests come in all soaking wet. Upon returning to my bunk I discover some dudes’ wet pants have dripped down onto my sleepingbag! Wtf! And another guy talks about how he snores! Screw this room, there are plenty of open bunks and I move back to room #7.

I listen to the green energy talk. Dinner time – black bean soup, salad, beef with peas and noodles, and vegan chocolate cake. Some chatting. To bed to write and read and sleep at 8.

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