AT NY-ME Day 38

Thurs, Sept 5
Miles: 8.2+0.3=8.5
Starting/ending: 1885.6-1893.3

I wake at the Imp Shelter at 7. I slept well considering the cougher and the sleep talker. Breakfast and coffee. Cold! And windy. But it will be sunny. On trail before 9. Up to Mt Moriah, leapfrogging with Balto, Mountain Laurel, Blue Jay, and Daredevil. Down steeply then easy and gradual to Rattle River Hostel – right on the trail!

I take the rest of the day to hang out with the others, catch up on life, dry things, make a Walmart run, eat McDonald’s, and sort food. I get a fix of healthy fresh ish food with a green machine juice, salad, and Chobani yogurt drink for dinner. I discover that Jingles is sleeping in my bed and I kick her out – sorry not sorry. Sleep.

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