Colorado Trail or bust!

After weighing the pros and cons of hiking the Colorado Trail (CT) during a global pandemic, I’ve decided to go for it! I feel confident that I can do so safely and have the ability to hunker down in the event of covid. CT here I come!

I’m hitting the trail in a few days. Planned start date August 3. For those who are curious about trail stats, the trail is almost 500 miles long. I’ll hike from Denver to Durango. Friend Mike will provide me with a ride to the start of the trail. I’ll put Yakushi, my adventure japambulance, in storage. I’ve planned the hike to minimize hitches and town stops. I will be going stoveless in order to simplify my resupply. Some places I’ll stop along the way include Twin Lakes, Monarch Crest Souvenir Shop, Creede, Molas Lake, and Durango. Maybe a few other stops along the way. In Durango, at the end, I’ll most likely rent a car and drive back to Denver.

Still curious about the CT? Read this article. Pmags’ CT website and end-to-enders guide are good for planning, as is the CT Foundation website.

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