PCT Here I Come!…

It’s 2021 and I’m hiking the PCT. I hiked the southern half in 2014. My first foray into long distance hiking. Then I caught the bug. No, not giardia (tho I’ve had that too) but the hiking bug. As they say, “thru hiking ruins you”.

That said, I’m feeling a little less “ruined” than usual. The call of the trail isn’t as strong as it has been. John Muir might say something like “the mountains aren’t exactly calling, perse, but they are there… so maybe I’ll go, I guess.” I’m actually feeling quite at home in my new Moab home where the vortex is strong. Yet here I sit in Flagstaff Arizona on the first leg of my journey.

I just wrapped up some last minute pre trail stuff. However, I did find out that my permit to hike is screwed (message from the universe? I will continue to swim upstream and forge ahead). I’m going to have to cobble together some section permits, a long distance permit, and then maybe a Sierra walk up permit if I decide to hike the whole 2,650 miles that is the PCT.

I get to spend a little time with Melody and Tim for now. Up next is journey leg 2, adventures in Chicago with the Blob (best buds from college). Then I get to see good pals in Seattle before at last embarking on ye olde Pacific Crest Trail.

Up next: a new trail name?! So why am I hiking? And what am I looking forward to? And first steps… If you want to know what happens next, I suggest you stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “PCT Here I Come!…

  1. I’m loving this new adventure and can’t wait to tag along with you through emails!!! Happy trails! ✌️

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