Why 2021 PCT?

A few reasons:

– The impetus was Salty who was pushing to hike a big trail together. We’re no longer spending time with each other, but this plan has been set in motion.

– My goal has been complete the PCT at some point/I’d like to finish what I started/enjoy the rest of the trail adventure.

– Started this in 2014 with a less settled mindset. Maybe completing the trail in a semi more settled mindset will be full circle/bring a sense of completion.

– A good time to escape the heat of Moab is July + August.

– Looking forward to seeing and meeting both friends and friends of friends near trail, off trail, and on trail.

– Use this shift in perspective as an opportunity for reflection on where I am, where I’ve been, where I’m headed, feelings, thoughts, and such.

– Endorphins are fun.

– Landscapes are beautiful.

– A challenge is always an opportunity for learning and growth.

– Trail life is liberating, interconnected, heart opening, special.

– Unearth new perspectives and goals.

We shall see. The trail provides.

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