I think I get on the PCT today

I landed in Seattle yesterday afternoon. Ate Ethiopian food, bought Trader Joe’s snacks, picked up a hiking shirt at Value Village, caught up with phone chatting. Met Seattle friends for beer at Standard Brewing and amazing food at Reckless Noodles. Slept in the last comfy bed for a little while.

Now it’s Tuesday morning and I think I hit the trail today! I’m still trying to figure out how/where… There are fires which has a few miles of the highway closed between Ross Lake and Harts Pass in the North Cascades which complicates the plan. That means I can either a) ride up to Ross Lake with friends to charter a boat across the lake and take the Devil’s Ridge Trail from the west to the PCT, or b) wait until tomorrow to ride the bus + hitch to Harts Pass to hike in from a more commonly travelled path. Plan A sounds more fun, more costly, and has a few unknowns that I have to sort out in the next hour. Plan B can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. But in this case plan B will put me on the trail a day later and sounds like less of an adventure. We shall see…

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