T-Minus 4 Hours… (Day 1)



We’re driving to the trailhead now…a 5-hour drive from Tucson to Campo. Thanks so much for the lift Brandon! And thanks so much to all of our friends and family for supporting us on our way out there. Early morning 3:30 am wake up and we plan to hit trail at 10 am.
We went for a 5-mile walk along the Romero Trail in Catalina State Park yesterday to get warmed up. Hiking in the desert is really amazing I can’t get over how great it is – the rock exposures, views, warmth, dry air, cacti, plants, and desert life. Our start got pushed back by a day (thanks to Mexico) but we’re on our way now.
Next stop: PCT. Our first leg is a 7-day hike from Campo to Warner Springs. We will be hiking through dry, hot desert. The day 1 goal is to set up camp at or a few miles before Lake Morena. Doing it!

Over the past few weeks we’ve gone through this process of reducing our possessions down to essentials. Things that aren’t coming with us for the next few months have been steadily getting packed into usps flat rate boxes and getting shipped all over the place. At this point we are finally driving to the trailhead and the only thing left is what’s in our packs. The only clothes I have are the ones I’ll be wearing for the next three months. My wallet has been left behind for a lightweight nylon satchel which – let’s face it – is a backpackers man purse.

Despite it all, this feels at once like it’s not really happening and like it’s happening forever. In other words, I clearly haven’t really gotten my bearings in terms of what this experience is going to be like and I’m not sure when it will really sink in.

What I can say is that I’m excited. Yesterday we hiked through the desert a bit and I carried my pack – with food and water for the next week, 42 pounds. The weight was surprising but after an hour or so it felt great. T minus 3 hours…

6 Days…

6 Days left before we hit the trail. We’re on our way to Jared’s cousin’s wedding in Mexico this morning. We stopped over in Tucson (thanks for housing us Mr. and Mrs. Kofron – John and Beverly). Mountains are on the horizon in every direction and the trails sound inviting. I’m incredibly enchanted by the desert – the smells, the dust, the sounds, endless cacti, and lore of snakes.
I’m very happy to have most of the logistics and planning related meltdowns out of the way. The next few days in Mexico will be a perfect respite before Campo.