Long Trail 2015


In June-July of 2015 I hiked the length of Vermont from Massachusetts to Canada on the Long Trail. The Long Trail (LT) is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the US, constructed between 1910 and 1930 by the Green Mountain Club. The route is 272 miles long and runs along the ridge of the Green Mountains. The southern 100ish miles coincides with the Appalachian Trail, then the two trails diverge in Killington VT and the LT continues north while the AT juts east and continues on to New Hampshire and Maine. I did this hike with Andrea (trail name: Bowtie), my former roommate from Exeter NH and badass outdoors-woman whose day job is as a strength and conditioning coach.

We hiked the trail in 21 days. We hiked through one of the rainiest Junes in Vermont history, survived a slug attack, came up with our own rendition of 50 Shades of Gray in our VT trail version we dubbed “50 Shades of Brown“, slept in many shelters, drank beer in a laundromat, and saw a porcupine but no moose (plenty of moose poop). We almost got hopelessly lost in the woods (but didn’t), met trail characters the Grandmudders, survived near hurricane-like conditions, got invited to a Rainbow Festival, ate fresh eggs outside of Middlebury, hitched countless rides, raced fellow hiker Emily (unbeknownst to her), and pulled through almost hypothermic conditions. We hiked through what seemed like all of the VT ski areas, summited VT’s highest peaks, felt like we were taking crazy pills, climbed up and down a few ladders, stayed at the nicest lil’ B&B, bonded with Sporkless, and made friends with Buddy Blaze. We ate so many burgers in towns, samples many a fine VT craft brew, and ate so much cheese and maple syrup on the trail.

We couldn’t have done it as well as we did without the amazing trail support from Sandy and Jim, Jackie, Nancy and Charlie! Thank you so much for meeting us along the way! And thank you to Jared for sending us much needed nourishment as well!

I blogged a few times along the way (and did a little blog catching up after the trail too). My trail journal can be found here:

Day 0 – Long Trail VT

Day 4 – MA/VT Border to Manchester Center, VT (and pictures here)

Day 7 – Manchester Center to Killington (and pictures here)

Day 11 – Killington to Lincoln Gap

Day 12 – Lincoln Gap/Warren VT – Rest Day

Day 16 – Lincoln Gap to Stowe

Day 17 – Stowe to Johnson

Day 21 – Johnson to Journey’s End

BONUS: 50 Shades of Brown

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