PCT Section 2018

Washington PCT Section J

It’s been a few years since my last post…but I’m back! Hiking and hopefully blogging as well as ever. While I have been hiking since 2015, I have not been very diligent about the writing about it bit, so let’s give it a go

Back on the PCT. Excited! I am determined to section-hike the rest of this trail no matter how long it takes me. What I start, I must finish. I have a duty to finish – but let’s face it – I really do it for my love of the mountains. After hiking the southern half in 2014, I hiked WA Section K last year in 2017 (a blog post coming soon), and now WA Section J – in two parts – just a few weeks ago. I hiked the first section with Mark “Diva Cup” Biggins (sorry, Mark! I think the trail name stuck) in early August. The second half I hiked solo mid August.

Here are a few photos

Part I, Day 0 – Hot, hot, hot springs

Part I, Day 1 – Blowdowns, Snow Lake, and Gatorade

Part I, Day 2 – Kendall Katwalk and Getting Sick

Part I, Day 3 – A day at the pond, then assaulted by nature

Part I, Day 4 – Hikin’ in the heat to get to Popeyes

Part II, Day 1 – Amtrak and Stevens Pass

Part II, Day 2 – A little rain and a little ford

Part II, Day 3 – Skeeter City

Part II, Day 4 – Through the burn to Spectacle Lake

Part II, Day 5 – Last day on the trail